Transformation Systems International

TSI Logo600hiResStephen Hacker is the founder and chief architect of Transformation Systems International (TSI). It is an organizational development consultancy combining academic research with real-world business experience to help future-thinking organizations balance transformation science with the awakening of the individual spirit. 

TSI believes that successful organizational change starts with having a holistic approach to changing individuals by awakening them to understand their full and unlimited potential within the organization and also the world around them. To have engaged people  fully “awake” and “conscious” is a vital ingredient for transformational change within teams and organizations.

Conscious and fully engaged individuals within an organization become responsible for designing and guiding the organization’s transformation. This integrated holistic approach produces ongoing and lasting change that causes organizations to experience a leap forward in performance, achieving measurable results they otherwise could not attain.

TSI offers a number of pre-designed workshops or is happy to work closely with organizations to design a curriculum that is relevant to its specific challenges. It also has a number of  team members available for consulting or speaking engagements. Learn more about TSI and contact it today to discuss your change initiatives.