Stephen_think tsunamiLeadership is a personal process.

In “How to Coach Individuals, Teams, and Organizations to Master Transformational Change,” Stephen writes about nurturing the ability  within oneself and others to accept and adapt to accelerating change deliberately; to transition from being someone who watches from the sidelines to being some someone with intention and the active power to create. In other words, “…to learn to surf tsunamis rather than remain at their mercy.”

Even transformation of groups and organizations must be built on upon the growing ability of each member to find the answers to a number of significant questions:

  • Why am I here (purpose)?
  • Where am I going (vision)?
  • How will I know I’m making progress (measurement systems)?
  • What are my chosen boundaries (values)?
  • What is informing my view of reality (mindset)?
  • How can I focus on creating a powerful future?

The process of awakening yourself and others to who you really are as a human being is a formidable challenge, especially when people, after repeated poundings by the tsunamis of personal, social and economic, and technological change, are treading water in an ocean of anxiety about what the future might hold.