trust-memory-joggerLead Self First Before Leading Others

Stephen Hacker & Marvin Washington

At the core of exceptional leadership is the ability to lead self. Some level of proficiency can be demonstrated by simply focusing on leading others. But to achieve transformational results, leading self is essential. Cultivating self-awareness and developing a life plan are key elements of leading self. And really, should not leaders demonstrate a level of self-mastery before leading others?

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Trust Memory Jogger

Stephen Hacker

Learn how to cultivate trust and relate to people in your organization, and your suppliers, so that all of you can be successful and profitable and feel good about achieving your goals.This book includes numerous worksheets and assessments, as well as research-based advice, and a case study to bring it all together. First you will look at your own trustworthiness, which can be very revealing about why your relationships are working or not working well.

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How to Coach Individuals, Teams, and Organizations to Master Transformational Change: Surfing Tsunamis

Stephen Hacker

The book’s unique contributions to the field of individual and collective transformation in the workplace are built on three central ideas: Radical improvement is possible only through a transformation rooted in expanding consciousness and integrating the body, mind, and spirit. Purpose and vision can then be drawn from deeper wisdom and fueled from a larger source of creative energy, spirit-generated creativity.

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Transformation Fieldbook

Stephen Hacker

In today’s fast-paced global work environment, a lack of organizational transformation means limited life. The Transformation Fieldbook is a detailed reference manual designed for leaders desiring radical change through total organizational transformation. The second text in our trilogy of books on transformation, this practical guide discusses transformative change and several current best methods and approaches to make it happen.

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Work Miracles: Transform Yourself and Your Organization

Cindy S. Johnson, Stephen K. Hacker, Marta C. Wilson

This book is a guide for people who want to create results in ways that defy apparent possibility. The authors explore how spiritual consciousness can transform your workplace and offers strategies on how to be, know, do and lead conscious change.

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The Trust Imperative: Performance Improvement Through Productive Relationships

Stephen Hacker, Marsha Willard

Today’s businesses environment is highly demanding and increasingly competitive, requiring organizations to be flexible, responsive, and continually innovative. In order for this to happen, there must be a high degree of trust throughout the organization. Leaders need to trust that their workers will carry out directives, and employees need a high level of trust in the vision and direction that leaders create for the organization.

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Successful Organizational Transformation: The Five Critical Elements

Marvin Washington, Stephen Hacker, Marla Hacker

The subject of organizational change is receiving increasing attention. Whether it is re-inventing government, re-engineering corporations, or reforming churches, all kinds of organizations are attempting major transformations. This book will ‘walk’ you through our framework of the five ingredients of transformation.

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Leading Peak Performance: Lessons from the Wild Dogs of Africa

Stephen Hacker, Marvin Washington

Organizations continue to undergo rapid, intense change. And the revolution currently underway calls for more than broad participation by organizational members. A marked shift in leadership approach is required, a shift to pack leadership. The current models addressing leadership tend to focus on the energy and will of the head of the organization.

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Transformation Desktop Guide

Stephen Hacker, Marta Wilson, Cindy S. Schilling

This book details a simplified road map to guide people who want to create results in ways that defy apparent possibility. Transform your workplace and explore strategies on how to be, know, do, and lead conscious change. The Transformation Desktop Guide is the next frontier for organizations on the quest for performance improvement.

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Transformational Leadership: Creating Organizations of Meaning

Stephen Hacker, Tammy Roberts

Organizations are being called upon to evolve to “Organizations of Meaning”, where purpose informs all facets of the organization, people and teams operate with a strong sense of intent and common will, and breakthrough results are achieved. Organizations of Meaning are highly talented in their ability to bring purpose to daily work. Leaders and managers grow the culture such that people are clear about their own life direction and its fit with the organization.

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