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In order to effectively manage and significantly improve an organization’s performance, leadership must recognize the interconnected relationships between individuals, teams, and the organization as a whole. Each person operates in a variety of roles and has a powerful influence on the organization’s ability to understand and transition successfully through rapidly accelerating change, to develop trust, and to achieve transformational results.

At the heart of Stephen’s work is the is deeply held belief that people seek to live lives of meaning, to affiliate with organizations of meaning, and to do good in their professional roles, and as citizens and community members. As a result, he has focused on understanding behaviors and barriers; on developing tools based on a research to build awareness and guide exercises and develop skills; and to develop techniques and tactics to develop, practice and integrate high-level skills. Through consulting, training and coaching he helps individuals, teams, and organizations reach high-achieving performance and transformational results.

He also believes that high-achieving performance and transformational results are global aspirations, not ones that are limited to certain cultures, countries or continents. This is evidenced by his successful work throughout the world, working with governments, multi-national businesses, and academic and non-profit organizations.


Stephen is in demand as a speaker on topics related to performance, trust and transformation. He is passionate about the intersection of performance, trust and transformation and shares real-work examples of how organization’s that have engaged in the work have achieved breakthrough results. People leave one of Stephen’s engagements energized by the “what ifs” he explores and the belief he has that anyone can reach the highest levels of performance with curiosity, commitment and consistency.